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We provide the know-how to individuals and businesses, offering solutions and implementation, while focusing on sustainability and inclusivity powered by positive economic growth.

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Business Start Ups & NGOs

Assisting you in registering your business with specific county, city, state, and federal offices and agencies. Annual reminders of required legal filings and fees. Acquiring tax-free exemption for NGOs. 


HR Solutions 

Drafting, revising, and updating employee handbooks, assisting with employee on-boarding, and interviewing and screening for employees. Taking care of your required employee postings and notices.



Organizational Structure

Assisting you on choosing your specific business structure. Customizing your business plan, annual plans, and marketing plans to fit your exact needs. Drafting bylaws, articles of incorporation, and formulating boards.


Branding + Marketing

Assisting you in developing your specific communications rhetoric based on your target market. Creating your logo designs, themes, and visuals to fit your personal brand.



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Feel free to reach out anytime! We operate Monday thru Friday 9am PST – 5pm PST. On Saturday we operate from 12pm PST – 5pm PST. Call us at (559) 382-3182

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