Our Clients

Our clients make us awesome. Below are some of the clients we have had the honor to work with. Regardless of how simple or complex your business challenges might seem, we’ll get you through to the finish line.

Al Hassan Institute

Al Hassan Institute is a first of its kind social think-tank aimed at providing solutions to Shi’a youth living in the West. With a focus on data and analytics through precise surveys, AHI regularly publishes reviewed articles, offers tens of thousands in monetary grants to young professional development organizations, and aims to provide a one-stop-shop information outlet for decision makers in the Shi’a youth community. We helped AHI get their 501(c)3 status, drafted their bylaws, and developed their branding and marketing by working hand in hand as a team to craft a brand specific to their needs.

Development and Relief Foundation

The Development and Relief Foundation has been one of the most rewarding projects we have had the honor to work on. We worked hand-in-hand to help DRF accomplish their goals to grow their marketing reach, refine their communications, and redesign their website to be more user-friendly. We make the extra effort when we serve our NGO clients, because we believe in their mission as it were our own.

“Within a month after our website redesign, we began to get a lot more donations from our website. Donors are pleased that it is now more user-friendly. Prosperity Consulting is an honest firm and we will definitely work with them going forward.” 

– Sal Dealden – Executive Director of DRF

Zaffaf Oud

Zaffaf Oud, based out of Muscat, Oman already had a strong foothold in the Middle-Eastern agarwood market when they approached us to expand. We were able to get Zaffaf Oud legally registered to operate within the United States in just under a month. We teamed up with Zaffaf Oud to offer a customized strategic outlook on how to adjust branding, communications, and public relations to accomplish their goals of bringing the highest level of quality agarwood to the United States.

“The team at Prosperity Consulting knows what they’re doing. Honest and transparent. I talked to 3 attorneys and they were just after my money and didn’t help. Big thanks to Reza for getting our project done and making it hassle-free.”

– Mohammad Alajmi – Zaffaf Oud CEO

Heartfelt Psychiatry

When our client Dr. Sadeed Jawad approached us with his idea for Heartfelt Psychiatry, we had an instant feeling it would be a success. Dr. Jawad has almost two decades of experience in behavioral health, and a passion to get people the help they truly need, when they need. In just over a month, we we’re able to do a full launch of Heartfelt Psychiatry, the first of its kind telepsychiatry platform, with a mission to get people the help they need within a reasonable time. Legal registration, a custom tailored business plan, a fully developed website, and a scalable marketing plan to increase growth and boost sales were just some of the ways we set Dr. Jawad up for success.